• Thomas Markle Jr. just revealed that he's homeless
  • Meghan Markle's brother doesn't like being accused of cashing in on the Duchess of Sussex
  • Meghan Markle has not spoken to her half-brother in years 

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., has confirmed that he’s homeless. Thomas also said that he has been living with his mom after splitting from his fiancée.

While speaking with New Idea, Thomas lashed out at the Duchess of Sussex after he and his other relatives were accused of cashing in on her.

“With everything going on currently, with them leaving the palace and doing things for money, it makes them hypocrites because we, the family, have all been blamed for making money and now they’re doing the same thing. The only difference is, we’re all broke,” he said.

Last month, Thomas told the publication that he doesn’t like being associated with the “Suits” alum because sharing the same surname with Prince Harry’s wife nearly destroyed him.

Thomas has been having a hard time finding jobs. As such, he revealed that he is thinking about changing his surname. Markle’s half-brother also said that he has been suffering from depression.

In January, Thomas made a shocking claim about Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage. During his interview with New Idea, Thomas said that the royal couple’s relationship would end in divorce because of the Duchess of Sussex’s history of leaving those who no longer benefits her.

“I knew this was going to happen and I hope that they actually have a mutually loving relationship. I know Harry loves her so I hope it’s mutual. You know, she has a track record of using people to get to higher places and then just leaving them so I just hope it really works out with Harry and she doesn’t break his heart,” he said.

Thomas has not spoken to his half-sister in years. In fact, even before the Duchess of Sussex became estranged for their dad, Thomas Markle Sr., she had already stopped talking to her half-siblings.

The reason behind their gap remains unclear because, at the start of Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship, Samantha Markle claimed that she and the “Suits” alum used to be close.

Meghan Markle
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