Meghan Markle is rumored to have a baby girl in the spring. Now, bookies are suggesting that she may give her daughter either one of the two most popular royal names.

Bookmaker Paddy Power is currently offering odds of 8/1 for the name Diana, which is a tribute to Prince Harry’s late mom. A spokesperson for Paddy Power said, “The flow of bets over the course of the weekend has been almost as heavy as the general goodwill towards the couple – and we’re now convinced they’re having a girl.”

However, bookmakers Ladbrokes believe that Markle will give her daughter the name Victoria, and their odds are currently at 8/1. Diana comes second for the bookmakers at 10/1. A spokesperson for Ladbrokes said that royal baby betting is very much a hot topic at the moment. Punters are convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby will be known as Victoria.

Last week, bookies Coral also said that they think Markle’s baby girl will be called Victoria with the previous 8/1 odds. A spokesperson for Coral said that the choice wouldn’t come as a surprise because it is a tribute to the late Queen Victoria.

“Her image had previously been grim and puritanical and the Victorian era was linked to social evils and imperialism. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was part of this as there was a resurgence of interest in Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and in this truly remarkable monarch,” the spokesperson told Express.

Last weekend, a major clue also suggested that Markle will indeed have a baby girl. Paddy Power had to suspend the betting for the “Suits” alum and Prince Harry’s firstborn following a flurry of bets on it being a girl. The bookmakers reported an identical pattern of betting and are convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will welcome a girl in the coming weeks.

Markle has also gone from being an innie to an outie, which means that she is already in her third trimester and will give birth very soon.