Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding on May 19 may not feature “old etiquette” typically practiced by the royals.

There are several things that suggest Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding won’t be like the unions of the other members of the royal family. For instance, their May 19 wedding day falls on a Saturday.

Kate Middleton and Prince William wed on a Friday, while Queen Elizabeth II and Philip tied the knot on Thursday. Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married on a Wednesday. But it is also important to note that Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles fell on a Saturday, according to E! News.

British royal etiquette expert Grant Harrold said that it’s possible the old-fashioned rules on royal wedding days won’t apply to Markle and Prince Harry. “We’re talking about the 21st century. And we’re talking about a very modern couple – a new generation of royals,” he told E! News

Meanwhile, contrary to rumors, Markle can still wear white on her wedding day. Initial speculations suggested that the actress would opt for another dress color because of her status as a divorcee.

Lizzie Post, the great granddaughter of manners expert Emily Post, also said that under the old etiquette, royals who are marrying the second time around try to make the event very discreet.

“I think that so many people have come to find partners at different points in their lives who fit them so well and wonderfully, and they want to be able to celebrate that, and their family and friends want to be able to celebrate that,” Post said.

Additionally, Markle could do everything that she did in her wedding to Trevor Engelson to her wedding to Prince Harry. “The only difference would be – and this is one that usually gets ignored – but folks who were invited to his or her first wedding are not obligated to give a gift at his or her second wedding,” Post explained.

Post is predicting that Prince Harry and Markle won’t desire to have material things on their big day. Instead, they may follow in Prince William and Middleton’s footsteps and ask their guests to donate to charity instead.