On the heels of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry parting ways with the charity that they shared with Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Sussexes are said to be developing new strategies for how they will own their public image. According to Express, they have a specific plan that they plan to use moving forward.

Royal expert Juliet Rieden believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to "lead from the front," which means means taking control of their own social media accounts and how they are perceived by the public.

The move would not be a particularly surprising one as Meghan has been known to chart her own path in the past. Most recently, the Duchess made a somewhat controversial decision when it came to her role as a guest editor for British Vogue as well.

The author of "The Royals in Australia" added that that course of action seems to coincide quite well with Harry's planned documentary series on mental health that he is reported to be working on in partnership with Oprah.

"I think it's a natural fit, actually, when you think about the way that Oprah has gone about her own charity initiatives," said Rieden, adding that it was an "interesting initiative to see a royal on a bigger stage with a veteran of the TV industry."

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Additionally, Rieden believes the new name, Sussex Royal, could also indicate their goal to move in a more contemporary direction as it seems to be an unusual title for a charity.

However, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams believes that it could work on an international scale even though it is "unexpected." The new chairty is said to be focusing on the same areas that their previous joint one did. While there has not been an official word on why the split happened in the first place, there are theories as to what was behind the decision.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Feb. 24, 2019, in Asni, Morocco. Facundo Arrizabalaga - Pool/Getty Images