• Meghan Markle has reportedly snapped back at Queen Elizabeth
  • The Duchess of Sussex told her close friends that the use of Sussex Royal shouldn't have been an issue
  • Meghan Markle is convinced Sussexes will be successful without current brand name

Meghan Markle has reportedly snapped back at Queen Elizabeth after the latter banned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from using the Sussex Royal brand.

A source close to Markle told Daily Mail how the “Suits” alum said that there’s nothing legally stopping her from using Sussex Royal. Prince Harry’s wife also thinks that using the name shouldn’t have been an issue because they don’t have any plans to sell t-shirts and pencils.

“Meghan said she’s done with the drama and has no room in life for naysayers, and the same goes for Harry,” the source said.

The insider also said that Markle and Prince Harry have been working on global projects, and they don’t think that using the Sussex name will affect their profit in any way.

“Meghan said the global projects they are working on speak for themselves and they chose that name to protect the royal name, not profit off of it. Meghan said that the name of their brand pales in comparison to the foundation they are building and the enormously positive impact it will have on people and the environment,” the source said.

The Duchess of Sussex is also reportedly convinced that she and Prince Harry’s success is inevitable with or without their current brand name. However, the Queen did not ask the royal couple to stop using Sussex as their brand name. But she doesn’t want them to use the word royal since they already quit The Firm.

Meanwhile, the Queen also had the last laugh after Prince Harry and Markle made one fundamental mistake. While speaking with The Bolt Report, royal commentator Rowan Dean said that the Queen and the palace played the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell exit exceptionally well.

Dean said that Prince Harry and Markle thought that they could have it all, but Her Majesty put her foot down to let them know that they can’t.

Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II Meghan Markle and the Queen are pictured during a ceremony to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge on June 14, 2018, in the town of Widnes in Halton, Cheshire, England. Photo: Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell