Meghan Markle is making a statement by wearing pants during her royal engagements.

The "Suits" actress has been seen wearing pants for her royal engagements this year. When Markle stepped out in Brixton with Prince Harry, she opted to wear pants. She did the same when they visited Cardiff on Thursday.

Markle's choice of wearing pants is apparently "not-so-royal." Most female royals, including Kate Middleton, are more inclined to wear dresses and skirts. According to Amanda Dishaw, Markle's choosing to don pants is an indication that she is keeping to her personal style. She also dubbed the royal bride-to-be as the advocate for pant silhouette since Katharine Hepburn.

"While it is 2018 and the idea of a woman wearing trousers is not exactly revolutionary, what has proven noticeable is that Meghan is blazing her own fashion trail, one perfectly tailored leg at a time," Dishaw told E! News.

"Since Meghan began stepping out in a royal capacity, we have not only seen her stay true to her personal style," she added. "But we have seen a shape and style that Meghan has worn in the past stand out as markedly different from the more traditional royal ideal. Meghan Markle not only chooses to wear pants, but she chooses to rock them."

Meanwhile, Christine Ross, editor of Meghan's Mirror, supports Markle's choice for trousers. For her, it is a "pleasant surprise."

"Her choice to wear trousers was a pleasant surprise to many as well. Bootcut black trousers are such a professional, timeless style, especially for more formal events," Ross explained. "We almost never see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing them and this really shows that Meghan is not taking style notes from anyone. She's doing it her own way, and staying true to herself as her role in the royal family grows."

In related news, aside from Markle's royal pants, many noticed that Prince Harry's fiancée was making a statement in her entire ensemble when they visited Cardiff. Her Stella McCartney robe is pro-animal. Her handbag from DeMellier London supports to save children's lives with its A Bag, A Life charity.

Meanwhile, her mismatched earrings have its own causes too. The arrow-shaped by Zofia Day promotes giving back to the community and empowering women. Meanwhile, the star climber from Gabriela Artigas advocates "conscious and respectful outlook towards the environment."