Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is able to bridge the gap between her different identities through her style. Pictured: Markle seen during her visit to Ireland at Aras an Uachtarain on July 11, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. Getty Images/Andrew Parsons - Pool

Meghan Markle reportedly bridges the gap between her different identities through the clothes she wears.

Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist, told Daily Mail, that Markle tries to balance her new role as the Duchess of Sussex with her former role as an actress and her heritage as an African-American woman. She does this through styling from the inside out.

“I really believe she’s trying to balance her new role and who she is as an American, a woman of color and an actress. She’s doing it very well. I have a slogan, styling from the inside out, and bridging the gap between perception and reality and this is all about balancing roles, the internal and the external,” she said.

The fashion psychologist also praised Markle for doing an excellent job at dressing for her latest role as Prince Harry’s wife.

“I’d love to raid her closet,” she said.

However, Karen’s comments on “Lorraine” were mocked by some viewers. One of them tweeted, “I’m a bin bag psychologist, I can tell a lot from the way you tie the bags and how your mood reflects through that… oh sorry, I thought we were making jobs up, (fashion psychologist).”

Another person said that she only wears what is fit and clean and doesn’t need a brain shrink to complicate things.

But “Lorraine” host Lorraine Kelly seemingly agreed with Karen’s statements. She said that Markle is still following her own style while adhering to the royal family’s strict fashion rules about dressing demurely.

“It’s difficult for her because she’s an extremely beautiful, stylish woman, but there are a lot of rules, a lot of royal rules. She still looks really modern, quite cutting edge, but she’s getting it right. I’d love to look like that,” Kelly said.

In related news, Dinah Van Tulleken, a journalist for Daily Mail, said that Markle may have given up on British style. After all, since marrying Prince Harry, she has only worn two clothes by British designers. The Duchess of Sussex has favored American designers by wearing their creations during 22 outings.