Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas Markle Sr. has given some explosive interviews to the media ever since the Duchess of Sussex stopped talking to him.

The palace has been mum about the father and daughter’s issues, but this doesn’t mean that they have not dealt with the former lighting director privately. On the podcast “Pod Save the Queen,” Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers said that though the palace refused to comment on the matter, he knows that meetings have been held.

“We know there have been meetings at the palace to discuss specifically the role of Thomas Markle and now he is coming out with these particularly hurtful comments. It definitely reached the stage now where we may see some action, most probably behind the scenes… I think that certainly, Meghan is aware of this,” he said.

In August of last year, Thomas uttered his most hurtful statement about the royal family. During his interview with The Sun, he accused the British clan of allowing Markle to treat him in a way that Prince Harry’s mom would have loathed.

Myers said that he could imagine Markle and Prince Harry feeling deeply hurt by Thomas’ statement and the fact that he dragged Princess Diana’s name into his family’s issue. Additionally, he is also relating himself to her in a way.

“This will be the course of action that will need to be taken now,” he said.

But in recent months, Thomas has not been giving controversial interviews about the royal family or his daughter. At most, he just tends to express how much he misses the “Suits” alum.

During a recent interview, Thomas also said that he hopes to meet his grandson one day. He also issued a statement after Markle gave birth to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6. As of late, none of Markle’s relatives from her dad’s side of the family has met her and Prince Harry’s son.