Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle will be "horrified" by her dad's interview, according to a royal expert. Pictured: Markle visit Chester Town Hall on June 14, 2018 in Chester, England. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland

Meghan Markle's father made an appearance in a morning show, and a royal expert found his revelations "shocking."

On Monday, the Duchess of Sussex's father, Thomas Markle Sr., appeared on "Good Morning Britain." During his interview, he revealed that his daughter and Prince Harry could be trying for a baby because Markle wants to be a mom.

"I think it is almost shocking," Angela Levin, a royal commentator and a biographer of Prince Harry, told Express. "I feel that one of the key characteristics of a father is to protect their daughter."

"I can't imagine that Meghan is anything other than horrified that he has told the world that she is desperate for a baby and that they are trying to make a baby," Levin continued. "I don't know if he would know about the second part but it is a really terrible thing to say. I don't know him but, I think he is perhaps somebody who puts himself first and his daughters needs second."

During Thomas' interview, he claimed that Markle "has wanted children for a long time." He added that "there's got to be a child in them" and he believed that it "will happen soon."

Thomas is not actually the first one to say that Markle is desperate to be a mother. According to Erin Specht, who dated Markle's brother for about 16 years, the new royal is "desperate to have a family of her own."

"She wants kids. She will be an amazing mother. Meghan will get pregnant in her first year of marriage if she can. For certain she will be trying for a baby on their honeymoon – she is going to be a brilliant mum," Specht said.

In related news, Markle's half-sister Samantha threw shade at her again after she allegedly missed to greet their dad on Father's day.

"#HappyFathersDay to all of the self-sacrificing fathers who gave us everything that we are," Samantha wrote on Twitter. "#Humanitarians do not ignore their fathers,...Meg."

Samantha was not invited to Prince Harry and Markle's royal wedding even after she showed interest in witnessing the couple's exchange of vows. Following the event, she said that she didn't feel snubbed.

"No one in my father's side of the family was invited and neither was anyone on Doria's side of the family... you can't hold that against her," she said in an interview with 2DayFM (via Daily Mail). "The traffic there would have been chaotic. I was more comfortable watching it from home. But I certainly don't feel snubbed, because no one was invited."