Meghan Markle’s intention for marrying Prince Harry has been questioned since the beginning. And over a year after the royal couple tied the knot, some netizens are still convinced that the Duchess of Sussex married into the royal family for fame.

On the online forum site Quora, Lana DeSimone, a theater graduate, likened Markle to the late Wallis Simpson. She said that the only difference between the two was Simpson’s husband abdicated from the throne. Prince Harry, on the other hand, has no reason to abdicate because he will never be king.

DeSimone also said that Markle had her sights on becoming a royal and being famous even at a young age.

“But I personally believe her initial goal and target was Prince William. With his long-term relationship, then marriage to Catherine, she decided to set her sights on the younger Prince,” she said.

The royal fan also said that Markle’s plan has been going well for her. Now that she’s the Duchess of Sussex, she knows that she needs to have at least one child to cement her future. She gave birth to her son, Archie, on May 6.

“Now she’ll ride that horse all the way to the bank. There is also no way anyone can keep her out of history books even if they divorce and she becomes irrelevant. She’s Archie’s mother and has successfully achieved her goal of being famous, like it or not,” she said.

Meanwhile, Carol Robin, a world traveler, said that there’s only one reason why the “Suits” alum decided to marry Prince Harry and it’s because she loves him. And in return, Prince Harry also loves his wife deeply.

The Duke of Sussex has been searching for the most suitable wife for him. And he knew that he needed someone who will understand his life as a royal, and Markle was a perfect fit.

“He lamented for a long time that he was not finding the one but as luck had it, all the qualities he was looking in a woman he found them in Meghan and that is why Harry married Meghan,” she said.