Meghan Markle’s uncle is not happy about how she treats her family.

The Duchess of Sussex is not on speaking terms with her family on her father’s side. In fact, only her mom attended her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Also, her father, Thomas Markle Sr. has never met her husband and their son, Archie.

Markle’s uncle Mike Markle, 80, opened up about their family. According to him, he and his brother Fred were convinced that they will never hear from the duchess again.

“I don’t understand her, the way she’s treated her family. I’m not very fond of it,” he told Daily Mail.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were about to tie the knot in 2018, Mike expressed his disappointment for not receiving an invite to the royal wedding.

As a former U.S. diplomat, he was the one arranged for Markle’s role at the American Ambassador’s office as a press intern in Argentina when she was a teenager. Even if he has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and has a frail heart, Mike said that he was more than willing to travel to England just to witness Markle’s wedding.

“I’ve done more for her than others… I’ve probably done more for her than most have. I personally talked to the ambassador in Argentina for her,” he explained. “I thought I would [get an invitation], but anyhow, I didn’t hear from her.”

A few months ago, Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. spoke against the duchess. According to him, their dad had always put Markle first and above him and their sister, Samantha. However, Markle is abusing their father’s love because she still hasn’t spoken to him. For him, it was “selfish” and “cruel” for Markle to do so because their dad gave her everything but she only gave him nothing but pain.

He added that those who knew Markle growing up were aware that the duchess and their dad were inseparable. Meanwhile, Markle’s half-sister Samantha made another hurtful statement against her in a separate interview.

Samantha told Daily Star Online that the Duchess of Sussex was “shameful” and a “disgrace to the Markle family name.” She also likened Prince Harry and Markle son’s Archie’s christening to the “Beauty and the Beast.” According to her, Archie is beautiful but the circumstances surrounding his baptism including Markle’s “cold callousness and disregard to our family, especially out father, is the beast.”