• Melania Trump is Barron's "guiding influence"
  • The First Lady is happy to see her son become independent
  • The FLOTUS' visit to The Mary Elizabeth House received mixed reactions from Twitter users

Melania Trump is very close to her son Barron, but she is also happy that he is becoming independent.

A body language expert discussed the FLOTUS’ role in Barron’s life. According to Bruce Durham of BelievingBruce, Melania is Barron’s “guiding influence.”

“Melania is the guiding influence. Her left hand on her son's back says 'it’s ok, come on you, can do this' and her right hand palm down in front of Barron says 'calm down, I have got you'. This indicates their true bond,” Durham told Express while examining a photo of the mother and son tandem.

“She knows he has a role there, what he needs to do, but also how to look after her only son with a mothering parent-child set up. She cares more about her son.”

Durham also recalled a particular motherly scenario during Trump’s inauguration when Melania fixed her son’s tie.

“In the photo, we again see Melania taking the lead. Direct hand contact controlling the situation and making Barron more presentable and/or giving him a little tweak to make him feel better,” the expert continued.

"It seems she is saying 'there you go son, now you look smart', which is an action that a lot of males may recognise from their own mother."

Barron is already 14 years old and his body language shows that he is becoming independent. According to Durham, the FLOTUS is happy for her son.

The expert shared another photo showing Barron’s independent nature. In the snap, he slightly smiles with his fingers splayed and his thumb in the same position. According to him, Barron’s independence pleases the First Lady.

“His mother sees this, and is happy enough to let him grow into this moment,” Durham added.

“No hand contact needed this time – just direct eye contact and the smile of a mother that is proud of her son.”

The First Lady has always made it known that her son is her priority. In fact, she didn’t join President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign because Barron needed a parent.

Melania is also very protective of Barron. She even fired back at John Henson after he made a joke about her son on Father’s Day. The Food Network host made a tweet implying that Trump is not Barron’s real dad. Henson has since deleted the tweet.

In related news, the FLOTUS faced another round of backlash when she shared a snap of her recent visit to The Mary Elizabeth House. Some netizens accused her of just being there to have a photo op. However, several also praised and thanked her for her effort to strengthen families.