• Donald Trump's supporters like Melania Trump
  • Melania Trump lacks "crossover appeal"
  • Donald Trump forgot that Melania was standing next to him

President Donald Trump’s supporters like his wife Melania, but the first lady lacks “crossover appeal.”

Melania has yet to appear at Trump’s rallies since last summer. However, when she did in June in Orlando to kick-off Trump’s 2020 campaign wearing a yellow jumpsuit, she won the crowd. Melania introduced her husband by saying, “He truly loves this country and will continue to work on your behalf as long as he can. All of us will.”

According to first lady expert Katherine Jellison, that was the kind of space that Melania should own. It was obvious how the Trump’s supporters loved Melania. However, the professor of history at Ohio University believed that Melania’s appeal only attracts the POTUS’ fans and not his critics.

“Trump fans already like her and will respond positively,” Jellison said. “She will probably be most effective in talking to voters who already also like her husband, and not those who are on the fence, or are skeptical about him as a candidate for reelection. I don't think she has crossover appeal for people who aren't already in the Trump camp.”

She added that Melania would excel at smaller events involving young people and families. She also noted how the first lady shines when she is with children where she seems much less aloof.

As for the current president, she believes that his appeal in 2016 had something to do with his lifestyle. The businessman-turned-politician is popular for his private planes, penthouse and model wife CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower said. She added that those thing were “aspirational factor” that made his voters believed Trump is rich and has a gorgeous wife and they could do the same.

In related news, an old clip of Trump forgetting about his wife standing beside him resurfaced. In the video, the POTUS said that Melania wanted to be with them at the time, but the FLOTUS was actually right next to him.

Trump recently sparked dementia rumors after failing to mention Melania and his daughter with Marla Maples, Tiffany, in his victory speech. Several also reacted because it appeared to them that Trump prioritizes Ivanka over Melania because he mentioned the first daughter’s name when he said “whole family.”