• Melania Trump's fashion faux pas revisited
  • Twitter users thought Melania was not wearing pants or a skirt
  • Melania values the privilege and prestige Donald Trump gives her

Here’s Melania Trump’s worst fashion faux pas that convinced netizens she was not wearing a skirt or pants.

In 2018, President Donald Trump was photographed returning to Washington D.C. with his wife. However, the FLOTUS made a major fashion blunder when she opted to match her forest green, belted wool coat with a pair of leather pants in a shade of tan, which was too close to her skin tone.

At first glance, online users thought that Melania was only wearing a coat and didn’t wear any skirt or pants. Some also thought she was wearing a mini-skirt because they saw nothing but the FLOTUS’ coat.

“Did Melania forget her pants?  Coming off the plane at the base wearing a very short green cost with nothing else on??” one commented.

“She was nude from waste [sic] down,” @BillPolon1 added.

“Holy crap. That is a MINI, mini-skirt,” @Carlolol2 opined.

According to a different user, the leather pants Melania was wearing were not meant to be skin-tight before adding that it looked “awful.” The same netizen continued writing that it looked nylon rather than leather, so it was a “wrong design for quality leather.”

Duskha Sweitzer added that Melania “looked ridiculous.” She believed that the FLOTUS’ designer should have advised her against wearing it if she didn’t notice that it was not a great outfit. Zweitzer concluded that it was a “bad fashion mistake.”

“I thought Melania had excessive spray tan on some seriously wrinkled knees with a too short dress then I realized those are just ugly skinny pants,” @ibeliza92592 wrote.

Meanwhile, some also defended Melania especially those who immediately noticed that the FLOTUS was wearing pants contrary to what others were saying that she was not.

“This is a joke right?  You believe she isn't wearing pants?  you apparently didn't notice the wrinkled knees.  You can't actually believe she wore no pants,” @Daniel84550086 commented.

“Get your eyes tested,” another added.

In related news, according to Peter Conrad of The Guardian, Melania values the “privilege and prestige” offered by her husband Trump. He added that the FLOTUS can do without his affection.  

Melania Trump during the 2017 Invictus Games First Lady Melania Trump holds a T-shirt in support of the Team U.S. competitors surrounding her before the opening ceremony for the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Sept. 23, 2017. Photo by EJ Hersom/U.S. Department of Defense Photo: Photo by EJ Hersom/U.S. Department of Defense