All Points North (APN) is a mental, physical, and spiritual health provider redefining behavioral health treatment and how their clients approach health as a whole. At a time when more people are struggling with substance use and mental health than ever before, All Points North is making much needed changes to create better, data-driven care in a historically stagnant industry.

At the height of the pandemic, All Points North opened a stunning 80,000 square foot behavioral health campus rivaling five star resorts across the country. The result? A treatment facility that encourages and supports a holistic wellness approach for the best possible client outcomes. Just 2 year in, APN has already achieved client improvement outcomes in the top 5% of treatment centers nationwide.

The main campus, called All Points North Lodge, opened its doors in March of 2020 and has served over 1,000 clients and their families since that time. During the complex COVID environment, APN responded with innovation, creating a revolutionary hybrid telehealth offering that connects clients with a continuum of care. This full continuum can take them from detox to in-person treatment to telehealth therapy and support groups on a variety of paths. Those who may have been limited by location are able to receive the same level of superior care offered on campus, but from anywhere in the world.

With excellent outcomes at the heart of every decision, All Points North was able to balance client needs with the ever changing demands of a COVID-laden world, and disrupt the mental health and addiction industries in the process. The result is a truly holistic approach to wellness, and APN is just getting started.

Noah Nordheimer, the Managing Partner at APN Capital and CEO of All Points North explains, “We built APN with the goal of providing our clients their best chance of success. It has been incredible to see how this multidisciplinary treatment team of experts and evidence-based care model has been able to help so many that endured the pain of addiction and trauma for so long. I hope to see more providers begin to approach their clients’ health the same way we do - the world would be much better off.”

Noah Nordheimer
Noah Nordheimer Noah Nordheimer

Innovative treatment, revolutionary growth

Part of APN’s success can be attributed to their robust capital backing. APN Capital worked as the lead investor along with SMB Equity Partners and Watchung Capital to deploy over $100mm into All Points North. They most recently completed a $20mm Series B funding that further enabled the company to grow and change lives through expansion throughout the United States and internationally.

Nordheimer continued, “I’m happy to see investors' appetite in the behavioral health space continue to grow. The response we received this round was overwhelming, further validating what we have built with APN, but more importantly, will allow APN to help more clients, families, and loved ones that need our services.”

All Points North recently expanded the continuum of care to include APN Denver - offering medical detox, professional assessments, and dTMS. The company is currently developing additional locations across the U.S. in Dallas/Fort Worth; Naples, Florida; Malibu, California; Boulder, Colorado. And internationally in London.

These facilities allow APN to continue with its model of full service care. The new locations will offer a mix of services focused on making detox, assessments, innovative technology Deep TMS and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and guided psychedelic journeys using ketamine and sprovato more accessible to the public.

These sites will also incorporate primary preventative care, nutrition, and fitness for a truly mind/body/spirit approach. Nordheimer said, “We have to look at people as a whole, mentally, physically, and beyond. We can no longer take a siloed approach to health; it's all interconnected, it's all important.”

While APN utilizes new modalities, it does so conjunction with evidence-based therapeutic solutions. APN believes in multi-approach healing rather than one-off services, emphasizing comprehensive solutions to provide long-term and complete healing.

Numerous causes means demand will remain high

It has become impossible to avoid the harsh truth that the pandemic increased mental health problems. Some, like famous pop psychology icon Dr. Phil, assert that our worst fears came true, with pandemic restrictions creating additional strain on our mental wellbeing.

While there is no one cause for mental health issues, we can confidently point to some common contributing factors, including:

  • Adverse childhood experiences

  • Experiences that are related to other severe medical conditions

  • Biological factors and chemical imbalances

  • Early exposure to alcohol or drug use

  • Constant feelings of loneliness or isolation

Conventional routes to treatment

Even though support is available, people suffering from mental health issues often feel alone and detached from the world. The pandemic has increased these feelings of isolation, and lack of in-person services has significantly contributed to worsened mental health and addiction outcomes. Psychotherapy, medication, support groups, hospitalization, and treatment centers are all effective ways to treat mental issues, but only if they are accessible.

Making Waves in the Telehealth Industry

During the pandemic, virtual providers became an essential lifeline, and companies like BetterHelp and Talkspace were able to meet the demand of clients in crisis. However, All Points North looked at these existing models and felt that they could improve on the client experience and outcomes.

APN’s approach to telehealth works, and it’s outperforming their competitors: APN retains over 80% of its telehealth clients long term, compared to 3-5% for many telehealth-only providers.”

Part of APN’s success can be attributed to the hybrid model.The APN hybrid model provides more substantial support for clients, customized to their levels of need, life stages, and even stages of the recovery journey.

Through their virtual programs and outcomes tracking, they fill the gaps in care for clients that were limited by location or other barriers. The APN Connection app connects a team of telehealth therapists with virtual clients and alumni. Clients can access a variety of outpatient groups for long term connection in the palm of their hands. Ongoing assessments and outcomes tracking give the APN team visibility into clients’ improvement or lack thereof, enabling dynamic treatment planning for ongoing care optimization. After completing treatment, clients join a robust alumni program with support events across the country. Recovery is a lifelong journey, so it makes sense that All Points North would continue to walk that path alongside its clients.

The Quest To Maintain Good Mental Health

Just like with physical health, mental wellbeing requires work. The pandemic has made it painfully clear that we can’t continue to manage a stressful workload with a breakneck pace and not encounter some level of burnout. Left unchecked, stress can evolve into chronic health issues. While staying active, socializing, and self-care can mitigate the impacts of stress, there are plenty of instances where clinical interventions are not only appropriate, but necessary. Those of us struggling with addiction, anxiety, and depression can no longer suffer in silence. Mental health awareness has made mental health care more of a priority, and the stigma once commonly associated with mental health is being shattered.

The end game? To support clients, families, clinician, and communities - setting every person up for personalized high-quality treatment, valuable mental health resources, and meaningful recovery. APN’s people-first approach is working, and they’re making their mark on the wellness industry as a result.

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