mentalist final season premiere
"The Mentalist" Season 7 will focus on Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and Jane's (Simon Baker) romantic relationship. Sonja Flemming/CBS

“The Mentalist” Season 7 premiere marks the beginning of the end. This will be the procedural’s final season. The premiere will pick up with Jane (Simon Baker) and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) on the job. However, with Red John (Xander Berkeley) out of the picture, “The Mentalist” Season 7 will be a little different this year. Check out a few things to know about the final season:

1. Remember Last Season -- “The Mentalist” Season 7 will pick up where it left off. At the end of Season 6, Jane decided to investigate a cold case just to make Lisbon stay in town. They solved the case, and Lisbon packed her bags. She accepted Pike's (Pedro Pascal) marriage proposal and was ready to move to Washington, D.C. with him. However, Jane came on the plane and declared his love for her. Lisbon told him that she felt the same, and she stayed in town.

2. Secret Romance -- According to the Season 7, episode 1 synopsis, Jane and Lisbon will hide their new romance from their co-workers. They have to focus on a murder in the final season premiere.

3. Poor Pike -- Lisbon’s ex won’t just disappear. Eventually, news of their romance will come out, and Pike will know why Lisbon dumped him after accepting his proposal. A new photo from TV Line shows Pike and Jane in a confrontation. Pike probably won’t be happy that Lisbon ditched him for Jane.

4. What Comes After The Happy Ending? -- "Essentially this season is about what happens when life turns out the way you had hoped it would," showrunner Bruno Heller told Zap2It. "What happens when you do have a happy ending, what happens after that? Jane and Lisbon have been engaged in this epic journey for six years, trying to capture Red John ... and now that they've done that, how do you live again after that? How do you re-create a different kind of life?”

5. Don’t Expect A Steamy Romance -- “Season 7 is not ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ done by ‘The Mentalist,’” Tunney told TV Line. Heller explained that the romance is “a very sort of Jane Austen type of romance… between two people you’ve known for years, and you can see they are made for each other not in a fiery, crazy way, but in a human, gentle, correct way.”

6. Lisbon Vs. Flynn -- Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin) hasn’t been seen since Season 4, but she’ll return to “The Mentalist” in Season 7. Her appearance is going to make Lisbon a little jealous.

“This is early on in their relationship between Jane and Lisbon when she’s still uncertain about his level of commitment and ability to be a good boyfriend/spouse/husband,” Heller told Entertainment Weekly. "And here’s this incredibly suave gorgeous clever woman who’s very much a match for Jane; probably the only woman in the show’s history who was a match for him, and she’s working her wiles on him."

7. A New Agent -- The show will still find time to introduce new characters this year. Josie Loren has joined the show as Michelle Vega, a new member of Jane’s team. She’s a rookie and won’t be too impressed with Jane’s tendency to break the rules, TV Line reports.

8. Wiley’s Crush -- Lisbon and Jane aren’t the only ones getting romantic. Wiley (Joe Adler) quickly realizes he has feelings for the rookie agent. “Wiley has developed somewhat of a crush on Vega, so there’s that progression over the season,” Adler explained in a behind the scenes video.

“The Mentalist” Season 7 premieres Sunday, Nov. 30 at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS. Are you excited for this season’s romantic storylines? Sound off in the comments section below!