china crime scene
In this image, forensic officers process a crime scene where police opened fire on a gang of men fighting in the Yau Ma Tei district of Hong Kong, Oct. 2, 2016. ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP/Getty Images

In a horrific incident, a Hong Kong woman gouged out an eye of her bedridden older sister at their home. The woman was arrested Tuesday.

The incident came to light early Tuesday after neighbors heard someone screaming for help from the apartment and alerted the police. Officials reached the scene and found the 66-year-old victim conscious in the living room with her left eye dangling from its socket. Paramedics too reached the apartment and rushed the victim to a nearby hospital. The victim was taken to another hospital where she was listed stable.

Initial investigation revealed the victim, who suffered from a spinal disease, stayed with her younger sister, 59, at the apartment. A police source said the victim’s unidentified sister gouged out the eye with her hands and no weapon was used.

“The victim was wounded in both eyes, one of which was seriously injured,” the police source said, the South China Morning Post reported.

The third sister, aged 64, was also present in the apartment when the incident took place, however, by the time she reached the living room, the attack had ended.

The suspect, who was mentally disabled, was taken into custody. The motive behind the attack, however, remained unknown.

In a similar incident, a Chicago woman fatally stabbed her sister in front of the victim’s children and informed 911 to “come and get her.” The accused was, however, found not guilty to the murder on March 26 after the defense presented evidence to prove she was suffering from severe schizophrenia.

According to the court documents, Ieisha McDuffy had "a long history of violent behavior and unprovoked attacks" and a “history of hearing voices telling her to kill herself and others" and "delusions related to God, the devil and demons,” the Des Moines Register reported.