Kelly Rowland is making her first foray into not only holiday movies, but onto Lifetime in general with the premiere of the newest It’s a Wonderful Lifetime movie, “Merry Liddle Christmas.”

The actress and singer is best known for her days as one-third of Destiny’s Child, though she’s been making a name for herself since the group disbanded as well. Not only is she still recording, but she’s nabbed several roles in television and movies, including spots on “Girlfriends” and “Empire,” but also landing a role in the movie “Think Like A Man.” Now, she’s making her debut in a Lifetime Christmas movie, which she is also producing.

Merry Liddle Christmas
Kelly Rowland stars in “Merry Liddle Christmas.” Lifetime

So what will this film, which is inspired by real events in Rowland’s life, entail? Check out the synopsis below.

“Kelly Rowland plays Jacquie—a successful, super-together single tech entrepreneur whose messy family descends on her gleaming new dream home for the holidays,” the description for the film reveals. “Christmas traditions collide and family drama ensues as she struggles to keep her house together in time for a glossy video shoot of “the perfect Christmas.”

However, dealing with her chaotic family and trying to keep her home in order won’t be the only things Jacquie has to deal with, as a potential new romance also begins to form.

“On top of that, the possibility of romance with a new neighbor has Jacquie questioning all her dating rules, so even though this isn’t the Christmas she envisioned, it might just be the most magical one yet,” the synopsis reads.

Will Rowland’s first foray into producing a holiday film have a happily ever after ending for her character? And will Christmas with her family end on a merry note?

“Merry Liddle Christmas” airs Saturday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.