Depending on who players talk to, it’s possible to catch Mewtwo in “Pokémon Go.” But one thing is certain -- that we know of, no one has caught the the legendary pocket monster so far.

One player has already completed North American Pokédex, which means he caught 4,269 Pokémon, according to Mewtwo and Mew were not two of them. There is no record of Mewtwo or Mew being caught (or seen) worldwide.

Here is some fun information about Mew: It has the DNA of every Pokémon, so its able to learn any attack, according to Bulbapedia. Mew can also make itself invisible. It has rarely been seen, which makes some think it’s extinct. But if Mew is still out there, it will only show itself to someone who is pure of heart.

Mewtwo was engineered after years of gene splicing the DNA of Mew. It supposedly has the most ruthless heart of all Pokémon. Since it was engineered to be the best Pokémon in battle, it only thinks about defeating its enemies. Mewtwo will strike fear into its opponent with its eyes, Bulbapedia wrote.

So when can gamers catch Mew or Mewtwo? Players might need to wait until a public event, Bustle reported Wednesday. It all comes back to the original trailer, which shows a gathering in Times Square. Mewtwo is spotted among the players. The game creators might put on an event like this so rare and legendary Pokémon can be caught.

The best chance of finding out when an event like this will happen will be during San Diego Comic Con, which started Thursday. Games are advised to catch as many Pokémon as they can now, and the special events to capture Mewtwo might only be available to players who have completed their Pokédex.

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