U.S. pop star Michael Jackson performs during his "HIStory World Tour" concert in Vienna, July 2, 1997. Reuters

In an exclusive interview published Tuesday in Rolling Stone, Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, revealed a belief she has about her father's 2009 death: It was a murder.

Dr. Conrad Murray, a physician who treated Jackson in the final months of his life, was convicted in 2011 for involuntary manslaughter after he gave the musician a fatal dose of the drug propofol. But Paris said recently her dad had been dropping hints for a while about people trying to kill him.

"It's obvious. All arrows point to that," she told the magazine. "It sounds like a total conspiracy theory, and it sounds like bulls---, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup."

Jackson died June 25, 2009 — at least, according to conventional wisdom. The conspiracy theories Paris referenced in her interview abound on the internet, and her comments may reinvigorate the amateur sleuths behind them. Here are some of the (admittedly farfetched) circumstances people point to as proof that Jackson might not have died like the media said he did. Grab a giant grain of salt and read on:

People have reported spotting Jackson everywhere from Disney World to Israel in recent years.

As MichaelJacksonSightings.com points out, Jackson's 2014 album — released posthumously — has cover art that shows him in a spacesuit of sorts. That could be interpreted, according to the website, as Jackson "climbing out of seclusion," "emerging from a cocoon" and starting to "fly again."

Jackson's body was in a closed casket at his memorial, but nobody saw it leave for the burial. (TMZ later talked to sources who said it left the Staples Center in a van, was then put in another van and was ultimately delivered to the park.

Fans edited a photo Paris posted on Instagram last year and claimed to have seen her father's face in a pile of clothes in the background. (At least one person commented, "What is wrong with people?")

Jackson's death certificate was not kept as securely as it should have been. Six people in the Los Angeles County's coroner's office improperly accessed the document after his death. It was viewed more than 300 times in two weeks, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Jackson used to wear disguises in public so he wouldn't be bothered. According to MichaelJacksonNotDead.wordpress.com, this could mean he's hiding behind one now.