Michael Jackson, the self-proclaimed King of Pop, was diagnosed with skin cancer a month ago, according to a Saturday report from British newspaper The Sun, citing an anonymous source.

The report says that the diagnostic was made after exams to Jackson showed spots of skin cancer on his body and pre-cancerous cells on his face. The singer was very concerned but he has been assured by doctors that he will recover from the sickness, the paper said

Jackson was spotted on April 22 at hospital in Los Angeles which has a laboratory that specializes on tests for such diseases, the Cedars Sinai hospital, according to the report.

However there are no plans to cancel his upcoming This is it Tour in London, the singer's long awaited come-back.

He said he's insisted that any treatment must fit around the concerts, and the show will go on, the source said.

Michael Jackson has scheduled 50 sold out concerts this summer at the London's O2 Arena.