Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton (pictured, right) spent a lot of time on stage accepting awards at the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards. Reuters

The Critics' Choice Awards aired Thursday night on A&E, the first major awards show to follow Thursday morning's Oscar Nominations. That meant that the Critics' Choice Awards would be the first big test of momentum in the buzzed-about Best Picture race shaping up between "Boyhood" and "Birdman." Michael Keaton won a big victory for "Birdman," accepting three major awards throughout the night.

The first award of the night was for Best Ensemble, and "Birdman" beat out "Boyhood" to take the prize. Michael Keaton accepted the award on behalf of the cast, where he commented on the "extremely uncomfortable" opening gag featuring host Michael Strahan and a group of male strippers.

Watch Keaton accept the award for Best Ensemble below:

Luckily for fans, they had not seen the last of Keaton. The actor returned later to accept the award for Best Actor in a comedy and yet again for Best Actor overall. In his third acceptance speech of the night, the actor acknowledged how lucky he was to be able to act for a living.

"[Acting is] not hard work like being a single mom or even a married mom," said Keaton. "It's not hard work like my employment is determined by my economic status or the color of my skin."

The actor ended his speech with a shout-out to Ethan Hawke, perhaps trying to pull the spotlight off himself after taking the stage three times in one night.

However, when it came to the final award -- Best Movie -- it was "Boyhood" that triumphed. Michael Keaton did score some huge points for "Birdman" with his three wins. He also set himself up nicely for a run at Best Actor at the Oscars.

With Richard Linklater winning Best Director and Patricia Arquette winning Best Supporting Actress as well, the stage is set for a Best Picture showdown at the Academy Awards. Who will win -- "Boyhood" or "Birdman"? Movie lovers will have to wait to find out. The Oscars air on ABC on Feb. 22.

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