A Michigan man killed his girlfriend’s infant son by forcibly hitting the boy against a table and a dresser, court documents released Monday stated.

Police arrived at the home on March 4 after receiving a call from the eight-month-old boy’s mother stating that her son was lying unresponsive in his crib. The responding officers rushed the boy to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to injuries. An autopsy revealed that the child had suffered blunt force trauma to the head following which his death was ruled a homicide.

The court documents stated that Jada Guyton went to a nearby store leaving her boyfriend, Jermaine Abron, alone with her younger son Josiah.

“When Ms. Guyton arrived home from the store, she noted that Mr. Abron was coming out of the bedroom where Josiah was sleeping,” the documents stated. When she went to check on her son, she found him lying on his stomach making a “gasping noise.”

“Ms. Guyton inquired about the noise Josiah was making. Mr. Abron admitted to Ms. Guyton that he had dropped Josiah and Josiah had been crying. Ms. Guyton did not remove Josiah from the crib to check on him or assess why he was making gasping noises. Ms. Guyton left Josiah lying face down gasping and went into another room of the home to smoke marijuana with Mr. Abron,” the documents added.

After smoking marijuana, Abron left the home “abruptly,” following which Guyton went to her son’s crib and found him unresponsive. She immediately informed the police.

The court documents stated that “Abron gave a full confession and admitted to grabbing Josiah out of his crib by his leg and forcibly hitting Josiah against objects in the room such as a table and dresser.”

Abron was charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse and remained in Kent County jail.

Meanwhile, on March 11, the Children’s Protective Services submitted a petition seeking to remove the victim’s elder brother from the care of their mother and her boyfriend. The boy was not at home when the incident took place.

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