The Detroit Free Press made an embarrassing blunder this week by mistakenly printing a “Michigan won title” ad, though Louisville won the NCAA men’s basketball championship on Monday, beating Michigan 82-76.

The ad was for a book titled “Blue Heaven: The A-Maize-ing Story of the Michigan Wolverines’ Return to Glory—and Their Second NCAA Title!” and shows Trey Burke, a guard for the Wolverines, smiling with an arm raised. The book was on Amazon but has since been removed.

Detroit Free Press Assistant Managing Editor Stefanie Murray posted as an apology in the Discussion section on the Amazon page:

“We’re very sorry for this mistake. The Free Press had prepared a fantastic book to publish should Michigan win the national title, and an error with our book publisher caused the promotion for the book to be displayed on Amazon.

"Our publisher is working with Amazon to make sure it gets removed.

"Hopefully at this time next year, however, we WILL be publishing either a book on Michigan or Michigan State winning the 2014 national title!”

This is not the first time a different outcome was expected in a competition, resulting in a premature announcement that was inaccurate.

Last November, Mitt Romney’s team mistakenly released a draft of his "victory" website, after the former Massachusetts governor lost the election to President Barack Obama.

“I’m excited about our prospects as a nation. My priority is putting people back to work in America,” Romney said in a quote on the site’s home page.

The site even stated the date of Romney’s inauguration, Jan. 21, 2013, if he had been elected president.