Xbox and JRPG fans, rejoice! Microsoft has announced that out of more than 50 games that are coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service next year, ten are “Final Fantasy” titles.

Microsoft announced during X019 that ten “Final Fantasy” games are coming to Xbox Game Pass over the next year. These include mainline titles starting from the original “Final Fantasy VII” up until “Final Fantasy XV.” The selection also includes spin-offs from other entries such as “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” and “Final Fantasy X-2.” Sorry, no “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII” here.

The Verge noted that most of the “Final Fantasy” games included in the selection are remasters or the most recent versions of each game. Here's the list of “Final Fantasy” games that will be made available via the Xbox Game Pass next year:

  • “ Final Fantasy VII”
  • “ Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered”
  • “ Final Fantasy IX”
  • “ Final Fantasy X: HD Remastered”
  • “ Final Fantasy X-2: HD Remastered”
  • “ Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age”
  • “ Final Fantasy XIII”
  • “ Final Fantasy XIII-2”
  • “ Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”
  • “ Final Fantasy XV”

Some might notice that two “Final Fantasy” MMOs, “Final Fantasy XI” and “Final Fantasy XIV” are not included in the list, but there's no need to worry. Microsoft's Phil Spencer told media during X019 “Final Fantasy XIV” will come to Xbox Game Pass at a later undetermined date.

Final Fantasy XV
The cast of "Final Fantasy XV" is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Square Enix

Aside from the “Final Fantasy” titles, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also be able to play “Edge of Eternity,” a tribute to classic JRPGs released by game publisher Dear Villagers. The game was released on Steam in December last year, but is now making its way to the Xbox.

Engadget noted that Microsoft's announcement should be great news for JRPG fans. The Xbox “hasn't been much of a destination for JRPGs,” the outlet said. The addition of the aforementioned titles will be a welcome treat for Xbox players.

Microsoft is also bringing some of SEGA's “Yakuza” titles to the Xbox. These titles include “Yakuza 0,” “Yakuza Kiwami,” and “Yakuza Kiwami 2.” They are slated to arrive to Xbox Game Pass early in 2020.