Microsoft’s Xbox division has recently revealed its interest in providing more services and games for the PC platform. So far, Xbox is planning to add a new subscription service, Windows 32-bit support and pushing “Gears 5” into PC. Here’s what we know about this new development.

According to Xbox’s Phil Spencer, Microsoft is looking into supporting the PC platform as most players run on Windows operating systems to play games. To further show their support, Microsoft is planning to push out the Xbox Game Pass subscription service to the PC players.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service works similarly to the console subscriptions but applied on a PC context. Upon subscribing, players would have unlimited access to the subscription’s library of games as long as the service is still active for the player.

Confirmed companies to pitch in games to the library are Deep Silver, Bethesda, Paradox Interactive, Devolver Digital and Sega. More companies are expected to join as Microsoft is already in talks with more than 75 developers to further expand the library of games.

Other than the subscription of free games, the Xbox Game Pass provides a 20 percent discount for games on the Microsoft store and a 10 percent discount on its DLCs. Microsoft will also push out some of the Xbox Games Studio titles through Steam, starting with “Gears 5” and the “Age of Empires” series. The company also confirmed that more games will follow these two in the future.

More details about this game’s pass will be revealed during Microsoft’s show at the upcoming E3 2019.

Other than the subscription, Microsoft also plans to add more support for players with Windows 32-bit systems. Microsoft noted that developers and some PC players prefer this system and promised to enable full support for the system.

Normally, most PC games prefer 64-bit systems to run optimally. Like the game pass, Microsoft also confirmed that they’ll have more details about this 32-bit system support at their show in E3 2019.

In other news, Xbox is also expected to show their next-generation console during E3 2019. We’ll have to wait for Microsoft to know what they’re planning for their PC and console game presence.