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The Xbox One Holiday Bundle features three games with the 1TB Xbox One console.

When the Xbox One Elite controller was announced, there were a few new features that made fans want the next-gen accessory. However, the new announcement from Microsoft will allow players to still enjoy the standard version of the Xbox One controller.

Button mapping can now be executed in the standard controllers, which is a great addition for those who opted out of the $150 Xbox One Elite controller. The new customization feature is all thanks to the New Xbox One Experience, and it even offers three ways by which the remapping can be done.

Detailed over at Major Nelson’s blog, there are two ways to access it via Settings. The first is Settings / Kinect & Devices / Devices & Accessories. Another way is via Settings / Ease of access / Button mapping. The third way is to launch the Xbox Accessories app directly.

Part of the remapping feature is the ability to swap button pairs. What this means is that if players will assign one command to another button with an existing function, then that button will be swapped to the other button. However, remapping is only available for first-party wireless controllers and third-party wired controllers. While this feature has only been confirmed for the Xbox One, it appears that PC support will come out later on.

Despite the new feature for standard versions of the Xbox One controller, there is still a good reason to purchase the device in the near future. Microsoft revealed that the team is planning to bring more third-party support for the Xbox One Elite controller, DualShockers reported.

This is the fruit of the partnership made between Microsoft and third-party controller creator Scuf. In the near future, it will be bringing customized thumbsticks and d-pads for the Xbox One Elite controller. So far, this has only been seen in the themed “Halo 5: Guardians” controllers, which had a different customized look.

Even better is the plan to have customized commands for games, both first-party titles and other games. For now, Microsoft is still in the drawing board for the plans, so no details have been announced as of yet.

Xbox One button mapping (Credit: YouTube/Vikus Vidz)