Microsoft makes updates optional to Windows 10 users giving them prior warning which drivers they need to install and which ones they should not.

On its Spring 2020 release, Microsoft will add the “View Optional Update” choice for Windows 10 users. This dedicated optional update screen will be available along with the Windows 10 20H1 release as per the company’s confirmation.

Through the optional update button that will be available on Spring 2020, users may check on the list of drivers and choose which ones they will need install. The option will be available to all of the almost 800 million Windows 10 users across the globe.

The “View Optional Update” option was once available along with Windows 7 updates. The warning on which drivers to install and not however disappeared when Windows 10 was released.

Unfortunately, during the Windows 10 release, Microsoft designed the said OS in a congested manner. All of the updates come automatically and users were not given the option to select which driver to install and which ones to skip.

How It Works

As Microsoft launches the Windows 10 20H1, the “View Optional Update” button will be available and placed under the “Check For Updates” button on the Windows Update section in the settings. Upon clicking the button, a drop-down list of drivers will appear for users to choose from.

Bugs After Windows 10 Update

Microsoft customers felt the strongest hit of the mass driver installation through the Windows 10 automatic updates. Reports and complaints surfaced the internet about the bugs that came along a number of customers’ devices as they updated their OS to version 1903.

The reports and complaints stated about the total of five bugs that came along Windows 10 update as Microsoft customers complied with the software giant’s call to upgrade to the latest version. The company even warned users of two major bugs to attack their devices if they did not comply.


On the other hand, Microsoft reminds Windows 10 users early on to be sure that they know what they are doing should they wish to block the automatic driver updates. Certain drivers were designed to automatically update to ensure that Windows works properly.