A new Microsoft patent suggests that the company could be creating a Surface Pen that can also play music. While the device is mainly expected to work like a surface pen, it can also be used as an earpiece due to its built-in speakers. Potentially, this new Microsoft pen could beat the Apple Pencil in terms of features.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published the patent earlier this month, according to Patently Apple. The device in the document is described as a flexible Surface Pen that can be curled up when used as an earpiece for listening to music. Aside from being able to latch the device on the side of the ear, the pencil has one detachable part that can serve as an earbud.

The patent states that the new Surface Pen will have a flat surface to prevent it from rolling away. Apple previously added magnetic docking to its Apple Pencil to prevent this problem from happening.

As indicated in the filing, the Surface Penc is composed of three parts, namely: a tip, shaft, and the earpiece. The tip will support the Surface Pen’s usual digital stylus pen features. Meanwhile, its shaft can be bent up to a U-shape to help latch the device on the user’s ear. Lastly, the earpiece, which works like a pencil’s eraser, would rest nicely near the ear’s opening when latching the device. The earpiece is also detachable to ensure comfort.

Other than the device’s physical design, Microsoft’s patent also shows some buttons. The buttons would help users when giving remote commands to a computer through the new Surface Pen. In a way, the device can be a presentation tool that can control transitions of slides. Some additional buttons on the pen’s surface can also be used to control the music player by adjusting the volume and changing tracks.

It is important to note that the Suface Pen is still a patent under Microsoft. The company has yet to announce any details about its release or development. We’ll have to wait if the company will consider releasing the device to the public.