Software heavy-weight Microsoft said Sony’s approach in dealing with hackers probably did not work as the company was too tough with them, a report in TechEYE said.

Microsoft has decided that it will go with a more steady and soft approach which the hackers will find friendly.

Paul Rellis, Microsoft GM, Ireland, said the company has learned from Sony’s mistakes during the PSN hack and will work accordingly in the future projects. Rellis added Sony acted tough to eliminate all hacking threats which resulted in more damages to its network system.

Earlier, when Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 had been compromised and the company retaliated by awarding the hacker a free t-shirt, phone and an opportunity to meet the company executives. The procedure went well with George Hotz (or GeoHot), the first to hack the Apple iPhone.

More recently, Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE network was tried to be hacked by a 14-year-old Irish boy from Dublin. The teenager was charged with an attempt to compromise Microsoft’s networks and the company faced problems with privacy breach issues. Instead of taking legal action against him, the company decided to train the boy to use his skills in legitimate ways, hoping that the move may pacify hackers across the world, said Rellis in his report.