Microsoft has an answer to consumers who are worried about having to  tediously transfer files from a Mac device to a Surface tablet or laptop. The Redmond giant just introduced its Mac to Surface Assistant, which is basically a tool that facilitates the smooth migration of files from Apple computers to Microsoft’s line of Surface devices. 

On Monday, Apple Insider learned of Microsoft’s new migration tool which has the sole purpose of making it easy for users to transfer files, documents, photos, music and others stored on their Mac computers into any of the Surface devices. The tool is said to work so efficiently once the user has agreed to the end-user license agreement and provided the user has set the destination for the file before allowing its transfer to an external drive.

Upon downloading the Mac to Surface Assistant, the tool will automatically walk the user through the process of how to transfer documents and media files to another device in the form of a zip file. Of course, Microsoft knows that not everyone stores files on the external drive. For those stored in the cloud, the company recommends simply accessing them via the cloud apps and services that are readily available to the Surface devices. 

Releasing a migration tool isn’t really that groundbreaking. The concept of enabling smooth data transfer from another device with a particular OS to another with a different OS isn’t new either. Nevertheless, The Verge notes that Microsoft’s new tool is a good addition to the mix, especially for consumers who are planning to do the big switch from macOS to Windows 10. Besides, Apple has its own migration tools for Windows to Mac and Android to iOS.

The new Mac to Surface Assistant is just Microsoft’s new effort to ensure consumers that they would not have to deal with a laborious process just to transfer files from their current devices to a new Windows-running tablet computer. Previously, the company launched an online guide that gives users a clear idea on how to move data to its Windows devices.