Microsoft might add a new Career system for the Xbox One. REUTERS/ Mike Blake

Microsoft is reportedly planning to add a new “Career” system for Xbox Live on Xbox One consoles. The new career system will allow players to reach levels and obtain ranks, and possibly even getting loot crate rewards.

Evidence of this new Career system for Xbox Live was first reported by Windows Central, which was able to receive a document showing that Microsoft was testing it out. The site discovered a new subdomain on Xbox Live, “," which is currently unavailable to the public.

The new Career system won’t replace the existing Gamescore system, but both will work alongside each other. Meanwhile, achievements will be incorporated into the new Career system. Perhaps players will be rewarded experience points that will help them level up in their career. The Career system appears to track game progress and overall play time, according to IGN.

The new Career system in Xbox Live also appears to have Quests for players. If players complete specific objectives for a Quest, like playing a certain game, they will be rewarded with experience points. Additionally, players will also be rewarded with loot crates when they complete Quests.

For those who may dreading the thought of loot crates, there’s no evidence to suggest that Microsoft will make these available for purchase with real money as of now. Still, Windows Central did say that it’s still too early to say if Microsoft plans on changing that in the future. These loot crate rewards will contain cosmetic items for the new Avatars system on the Xbox One. An update to the Avatars system is expected to rollout in early 2018.

It remains uncertain if this new Xbox Live feature is in active development or is merely part of a test run for something else entirely. However, Xbox corporate vice president Mike Ybarra did tease last year in an interview that they were working on a better way to implement or show off players’ achievements.

“They're in our backlog of things that we want to get done, but there's actually bigger, more bolder changes that we have in mind. Nothing that I can talk about now, but something that fundamentally changes the concept ... we are working towards a bigger, more meaningful change about somebody's gaming accomplishments in history, as a gamer on Xbox,” Ybarra said at the time.

Ybarra also gave an example of a player who may just play one game. This one player could be a professional on that game or might even be one of the best in the world and has already dedicated thousands of hours in that one game. However, the player will still end up having a small Gamescore. If Microsoft is indeed planning to add the new Career system to Xbox Live, this might no longer be an issue.