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Dell CEO Michael Dell delivers a keynote address during the Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco, Sept. 25, 2013. justin sullivan/getty images

Microsoft has unleashed a range of savings on top Dell laptops and desktops, with discounts of up to $500 on some of its top offerings. The deals, available in the online Microsoft Store while stocks last, provide a great opportunity to upgrade an old PC or buy a gift. All the PCs come with Windows 10. Here's a selection of some of the offers.

Those looking for a gaming laptop deal will be tempted by savings on Dell's Alienware line. The Alienware Echo ANW15-8214SLV, a 15-inch laptop with high-end Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M graphics, is available for $1,999, a $500 saving on the retail price.

That may be more than some are hoping to spend, though, and for those people the Echo AW13R2-8344SLV may appeal more. That's a 13.3-inch laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics, priced at $1,499. It's a $250 saving on the standard price and is the cheapest Alienware laptop in the Microsoft sale.

Although sales figures may suggest otherwise, desktop PCs are not dead quite just yet. PC sales have slipped to levels not seen since 2008, according to a January report from IDC. The rise of tablets has meant consumers flocking to thin touch-screen devices with simple interfaces. There's still good reason to buy one, though, particularly for those conscious about price or who don't need the portability.

The Dell XPS x8900-3756BLK is a great deal — a PC powered by an Intel Skylake processor, with 16GB memory and a 2TB hard drive. To speed things up, the PC also has a 32GB solid state drive for important system files. Normally priced at $1,499, the machine is on sale for $999.

Those looking for on-the-go performance will want to take a look at the Dell Inspiron i7359-5984SLV, a 13-inch touch-screen laptop that folds into a tablet. Powered by the latest Intel Skylake processors, the Inspiron has 8GB memory and 500GB solid state hybrid drive. The Inspiron is available with $200 off at $649.

Of course, all of these machines will benefit from one of Dell's high-end monitors. Productivity fans will want to check out the Dell UltraSharp U3415W. This 34-inch 3440x1440 curved screen offers an aspect ratio of 21:9, a staggeringly wide display. Users can bring up multiple documents side by side at once, without the screen seams in a dual display setup that can interrupt one's work. The curved design makes for a truly immersive experience, but buyers can go even further and get two for the ultimate office setup. Normally retailing for $1,199, the U3415W is on sale for $799.