• Microsoft originally scheduled the release of Surface Duo in the holiday of 2020
  • A new report claims that the company is aiming for a launch in Apr. and a release of limited quantities of the Surface Duo in the spring of 2020
  • Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo last year

Last year, Microsoft unveiled some of its upcoming products to the world at its Surface Event. The Redmond-based tech juggernaut also revealed that its dual display smartphone dubbed as the Microsoft Surface Duo would arrive sometime in the holiday of 2020. A new report, however, claims that the much-awaited handset with a revolutionary design might arrive earlier than scheduled.

Possible Release Window

A new report from Windows Central reveals that Microsoft Surface Duo might arrive in the summer of 2020. The site claims that the information comes from sources familiar with the matter. It claims that the Redmond-based tech giant is aiming to launch its upcoming products earlier than originally scheduled.

The Microsoft Surface Duo would reportedly house the Android 10 OS, which has been complete since August of last year. It is possible that the company is now polishing the ‘top-level operating system customization and in-box app experiences for the Microsoft Surface Duo,’ the site claims. Moreover, the company aims that all the device’s software would be done by Apr. 2020 so it could start shipping in ‘limited quantities’ for the summer.

Microsoft will get back into the smartphone market with a new kind of folding device call Surface Duo, which will be launched next year and will be compatible with Android apps from tech rival Google's mobile operating system
Microsoft Surface Duo Microsoft / HO

The initial launch of the Microsoft Surface Duo could happen alongside the launch of the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2, adds the report. But, the site also considers the possibility that the target launch and release of the dual-display smartphone might face a delay given the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Surface Duo Specs

Earlier reports revealed that the Microsoft Surface Duo could house the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. It is also expected to feature 64GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM for its base model. Although there was no mention of a 5G variant in previous reports, anything could happen considering the hype for the next-generation wireless network connectivity.

A few days ago, we reported a leak about one of the features of the Microsoft Surface Duo. Dubbed as the Peek feature, this will allow users to interact with the dual-display device without the need to totally pulling out the display. All these ‘leaked’ features and specs about the Microsoft Surface Duo are very exciting. But, it is worth mentioning that these are not yet official.