Microsoft Surface
Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 might simply be a refresh of its predecessor. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are both aging pretty well, but competition is tight and many are already looking forward to their successors. Luckily, the first bit of information has surfaced detailing the next-generation Surface Pro.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will apparently have the proprietary Surface power connector. In terms of overall design, the tablet hybrid has “nothing dramatic” in store, according to renowned tech journalist Paul Thurrott.

What’s significant about the Surface Pro 5 is that Microsoft will be be putting Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors. With all that in mind, the next-generation tablet hybrid seems to be more of a refresh with upgraded internals, rather than a full-blown redesign.

Although the news that the Surface power connector is here to stay for the Pro 5, this doesn’t guarantee that Microsoft won’t be switching the DisplayPort with the universal USB-C, as pointed out by The Verge. It’s understandable that Microsoft wants to keep its proprietary hardware features locked into its newer devices, so that those with older accessories can keep using it.

Microsoft did the same thing with the Surface Pro 4 by having all of the Pro 3’s accessories like Type Covers and power adapters being compatible with the successor. However, it would really be highly unlikely that the company would completely skip using USB-C considering many high-end laptops and smartphones are already adopting the technology, according to Neowin.

Microsoft is going to hold a special Surface event in the coming weeks where the Surface Pro 5 is expected to make its debut, according to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley. Unfortunately, Foley’s sources have suggested that the Surface Book 2 won’t be revealed at the event.

This has led to speculations that the Surface Book 2 might have been delayed by Microsoft. Previous rumors have indicated that the Surface Book 2 will feature a more traditional “clamshell” laptop design, rather than being a convertible laptop.