Microsoft released a preview of the Windows 10 Build 18980. The build features update on Cortana as well as WSL2 support for ARM64 devices.

In a blog post released on Tuesday by Microsoft, the software giant unveiled the preview of an update that bumps Windows 10 to build 18980 from build 18975 that was made available to testers on September 6.

What To Look Forward To

The Microsoft recently released Windows 10 update preview features Windows System for Linux 2  (WSL2) improvements for ARM 64 devices or devices that are running 64-bit operating system/processor; devices that are running 32-bit operating system/processor are called ARM devices. The update also features update on Cortana which is now an app.

WSL2 Improvements

The Windows 10 Build 18980 preview also brings in bug fix for the legacy Windows symlinks long-standing issue together with other various vulnerability fixes. It also brings the added ability to set the user’s distribution’s default user using the /etc/wsl.conf file.


The Microsoft Windows 10 Build 18980 makes Cortana an easily accessible app for users to use through a Cortana icon.  Cortana app OS update will also be available on supported languages, in this case supporting the United States English. The software giant plans for the apps support in other languages that the public is supporting in retail as of the moment.

More Advantages on Build 18980

Along with the Microsoft Windows 10 18980 build, the preview also brought in PC fixes such as a deadlock in netprofmsvc.dll found on other builds. It fixed issues on keyboard reliability, an issue impacting WIN+(Period), problems on-screen snipping, trouble in wrong labeling of removable devices, setting crashing, certain Local Experience Packs (LXPs) may revert to English and more.

Microsoft brought along the Windows 10 18980 build certain adjustments that improve performance of the Apps & Features page in Settings when searching. The software giant also cleared the Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings of the Ease of Access toggle.

Problems Expected

On the other hand, Microsoft warned that since it is a pre-release build and only available to Windows Insider as of the moment, Windows 10 18980 is expected to contain problem bugs so a clean install on PC is needed.