[9:43] Britain's Zara Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, and her husband Mike Tindall
Britain's Zara Phillips, the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, and her husband England rugby captain Mike Tindall leave after their marriage at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland July 30, 2011. Reuters/Dylan Martinez

Former rugby player Mike Tindall is now getting his nose fixed, four years after ignoring his now mother-in-law Princess Anne’s advice to get it operated. Tindall is married to Anne’s daughter and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. The princess had asked Tindall to get his nose fixed before his 2011 nuptials to Zara Phillips.

The 36-year-old broke his nose eight-times. His broken nose also has its own Facebook appreciation page. It had once been described as “a relief map of the Pennines” and has even been mocked by the Queen, Mirror UK reported.

Tindall now stars on reality shows “The Jump” and Bear Grylls’s adventure series “Mission Survive”. In spite of his television career, he insisted that the surgery is for health and not for the sake of television. The Rugby Union World Cup winner admitted that when he and Zara go out together, he is always noticed for his crooked nose.

“Depending on where we go, getting recognised is actually probably worse for me because of the nose,” he said.

He told that he actually does not want to get his nose operated, but he is now forced to do so, because he has problems in breathing. He also joked that it looked like a pug's nose.

The couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary with a gateway in Ireland and left their 18-month-old toddler Mia behind with the family. He admitted that his wife was more romantic. Mike and Zara were introduced 12 years back, through Prince Harry, Zara’s cousin.

However, in spite of being married to Elizabeth’s granddaughter, neither he nor Zara take a penny from the royal family as they work for their living and even pay their taxes. Tindall said that it is very important for him to go out and earn his own money, adding that it annoys him when people think that he and Zara have been given everything on a plate. Besides, the former rugby player also fiercely hates the word ‘celebrity’.

Tindall said that his wife Zara, who is an Olympic equestrian silver medallist, will participate in the Rio Olympics next year. He will be watching his 34-year-old wife from the side lines.