Britain's Princess Anne made an appearance at the Royal Ascot horse races on Tuesday, wearing a mustard coat and ruffled dress -- the same outfit she has worn on at least four other occasions in the last 35 years. The dress is believed to be made-to-measure by Anne’s favorite British designer, Susan Small.

The belted waist and matching hat looked fashionable when she wore it to Trooping the Color in 1980. At that time, her son Peter, by ex-husband Captain Mark Philips, was 3 years old, and Zara was yet to be born. It was next worn by the princess three years later at the Epsom Derby, with the same details, except for a brooch swap.

In 1991, it was seen at Royal Ascot, this time with dark gloves and a handbag. Even 20 years later the combination was off to Ascot again. This week’s appearance mirrors the 2011 snap, except for the fact that the 64-year-old royal adorned the outfit with a patterned brimmed hat.

According to the Guardian, the royals are known for their style and class, but they also opt for value in their wardrobe. The queen, too, is a re-wearer (her canary-yellow dress for William and Kate Middleton’s wedding accompanied her on a diplomatic trip to Australia), as is the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George has already been dressed thriftily, making his balcony debut in an outfit worn by his dad in 1984.

“Royal Ascot is synonymous with sartorial elegance. This is upheld by our dress code, which invites guests to contribute to an occasion heralded as a major fashion event in its own right,” according to the Royal Ascot website. The races are run each June.