Miley Cyrus has been actively promoting “Black Mirror” on social media, along with her new EP “She Is Coming.” While the fans have yet to give their verdict about her role in the show, the producers are already fans of her performance. In a recent interview, executive producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones talked about the “dark” theme of the show and how Cyrus feels “authentic” in her portrayal of her character.

Cyrus plays the role of a pop icon Ashley O, who has a greedy and evil aunt. The pop icon goes through some really challenging times on the show, and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jones said that the singer’s “f—k-you” attitude “ripped all the way through the story.”

Jones hopes the audience will like Cyrus’ performance, which has been described as “authentic.” Brooker joked that the singer doesn’t have an evil aunt in real life, but the idea of how the music industry works, how an artist has a responsibility to the fans, and the idea of how an artist can express herself differently from the box people put her in resonated with her.

Cyrus appears to have enjoyed playing the role as well. One particular moment while filming that she may have enjoyed the most, according to Brooker, was a cameo scene in which she had to go on stage. Instead of seeing a bunch of cell phones taking pictures and recording her, the singer actually saw the faces of her fans in the audience, and according to the producer Cyrus missed having that as a performer.

One reason why Cyrus’ performance feels authentic on the show is that she suffered a personal tragedy while filming. In a previous interview with Vanity Fair, the singer said that the day she heard that her home in Malibu had burned down she was supposed to film a scene of her character having a panic attack. The personal loss inspired the actress to give her best for the scene that day.

Cyrus has been promoting the show on social media. Her more recent post on Twitter shows a trailer of the TV series that is focused on her character.