Miley Cyrus spent a relaxing weekend at the pool and shared a few racy pictures of her with her followers on social media. The singer shared snaps of her in a red bikini online and she also shared a few photos of her in her underwear at her home.

Cyrus described herself as a “hot summer girl” in a new set of posts on Instagram. The “Mother’s Daughter” singer wore a red bikini while relaxing in a floating bed in a swimming pool. She also wore a pair of matching red sunglasses to finish the look.

In another picture she shared on Saturday, the singer is lying down on a pool float in her undergarments. “Fun Boy or Fu-k Boy,” she captioned the post, referring to the words that appear on the floating bed.

The singer also spent the weekend relaxing in her house by looking at her social media feed. In a photograph she shared online, she showed off her toned butt to the fans while leaning against pillows on the sofa and posing for the camera.

Cyrus is apparently skimpily dressed in order to get a tan. The singer promised to share the progress of her tan with her followers on Instagram in another post.

The weekend was also fun for the Cyrus because of a dance party she had for herself. The singer climbed on a tree and started dancing to music. She shared a video of her dancing online, along with a few snaps of her standing on the tree.

“If you’re ever torn between climbing a tree & having a dance party..... ‘feed 2 birds with one [stone],’” Cyrus wrote in the post. The singer wore a grey bra top and black shorts while she danced on the tree. She also wore matching black sneakers. She was joined by her pet dog, which can be seen in the video and the pictures.