Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus attends the ONE Campaign and (RED)’s concert to mark World AIDS Day at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Dec. 1, 2015. Getty Images/Dave Kotinsky

Miley Cyrus was reported to have vowed to change her lifestyle for her rumored fiancé Liam Hemsworth and now the singer had given up on smoking weed for over two months, Radar Online reported Tuesday. The gossip comes after a report claimed last month that Hemsworth warned Cyrus to cut out on smoking pot or else he would end their relationship.

Cyrus stopped using marijuana to expand her career and focus on her upcoming performance with Woody Allen, Radar Online reported, adding that the singer is leading a healthy lifestyle now.

“She couldn’t possibly be happier,” a source told the gossip website. “This is all his doing, of course,” said the insider, who noted that the Hunger Games actor “has also quit with her. They’re allowing themselves the occasional drink in the evenings, but aside from that, all recreational drug use is gone, hopefully for good,” the insider said. “Miley’s goal is to be THC-free in a home drug test kit and she says if she keeps up the good work, she’ll be giving clear readings in a month!”

The 23-year-old also does not want to let Allen down for a new Amazon TV series.

“She wants to put in a seriously good performance on her new Amazon TV series with Woody Allen in order to branch out,” said the insider. “She doesn’t want to let him down after he gave her this shot, against everyone’s advice,” the source told Radar Online, adding, “Miley’s very proud of herself.”

Cyrus was reportedly working to “tone down” her image in order to keep Hemsworth with her. However, people around her think she was pushing for the relationship. She was also reported to have been ditching parties for the sake of Hemsworth, 26, and cooking and cleaning for the “Hunger Games” actor.