Miley Cyrus will be making her “Black Mirror” debut this year with Season 5. The first teaser trailer of the next season teased Cyrus’ role as a pop star. The theme of the show this time around is the dangers and risks of technology in society.

The first trailer of “Black Mirror” Season 5 shows Cyrus performing onstage. The teaser showed how her character has some personal struggles she has to go through and how she manages her relationships.

Cyrus’ character can be seen sitting in front of the piano, contemplating the future. “Knock them dead,” her friend says in the trailer to inspire the singer to give her best on stage.

The main theme of the new season is the impact of technology on people and relationships. In the future, technology will impact everything in a person’s life. As a source of entertainment to the way people interact with each other, hi-tech gadgets are everywhere. While this can have a positive impact on people’s lives, there is also a dark side of it that the show will explore.

Cyrus’ character too will go through some dark times. In a previous interview with Vanity Fair, the singer talked about how she filmed a scene in which her character has a panic attack.

Filming of “Black Mirror” took place in South Africa. This is the time when Cyrus lost her home in Malibu to Woolsey Fire. Cyrus used her loss to inspire her performance on the show. The filming also helped her to become close with the director Anne Sewitzky, who Cyrus considered as a “mother figure.” The singer said that she is “very proud” of what she has filmed for the TV series.

“ It really tells my story in some dark and funny way, as that show does, and as life is,” Cyrus said.

Cyrus has been getting some positive responses from the fans for her role in “Black Mirror” season 5. The singer took to Twitter to thank her fans for all the love they shared with her online.