• Authorities discovered what they believed to be a missing 8-year-old girl's body inside her 54-year-old grandmother's car
  • Connie Ann Smith told police on the day of Taryn Summers' disappearance that her granddaughter had run away
  • Smith was arrested by police for non-murder charges and is expected to face additional charges


The body of a missing 8-year-old girl from Emmett, Idaho was discovered last week inside a trash bag on the backseat of her grandmother's car, authorities revealed.

Police arrested 54-year-old Connie Ann Smith after they found what is believed to be the body of her 8-year-old granddaughter, Taryn Summers, in a black plastic trash bag on the floor of her car Wednesday, KTVB reported.

The identity of the body was not officially released and it was labeled with the initials T.S. in court documents. The news outlet, however, was told by the sheriff's office that the body is believed to be Summers’.

Summers was reported missing from her home along Airport Road on April 12. Court documents said Smith told the Gem County Sheriff's Office on that day that Summers, who lived with her, had run away.

Police searched their home and noticed a part in the girl's bedroom that was missing and Smith allegedly told them she removed the part and burned it because Summers had defecated on it.

Authorities returned to the home on April 14 and found a spot of blood on the girl's bedroom wall. Investigators were led to a Lexus parked in front of the house that was registered to Smith's son. A probable cause affidavit said Smith was seen driving the vehicle the day Summers went missing.

Upon inspection, a body was found by the second row of the vehicle. Investigators said vomit was smeared on the shirt and on the hair of the corpse.

Smith was charged with felony failure to notify of a death and destruction of evidence. She was originally booked into the Ada County Jail on a charge of first-degree murder, but she is currently not facing any murder charges.

Prosecutor Erick Thomson described the case as "disturbing and egragious" at Smith's Monday arraignment, noting the grandmother is expected to face additional charges. Thomson asked for the bond to be set at $1 million or more as Smith might be a flight risk.

Smith's attorney, Josh Taylor, asked for a lower bond, pointing out to the judge that the 54-year-old had significant ties to the area and had no prior criminal history. He added Smith turned herself in after learning of the charges.

Judge Tyler Smith set the bail at $800,000 and ordered Smith to surrender her passport and undergo GPS location monitoring if she is able to get out of jail. The grandmother was also ordered not to have any contact with children.

Summers' relatives, 17-year-old Tristan Conner Sexton and 14-year-old Taylor Summers, were last seen in Emmett on separate dates and were also being treated by the Gem County Sheriff's Office as runaways, KATU reported.

Representation. Police found the body in the backseat of a car with vomit smeared on her shirt and in her hair. Pixabay