A 4-year-old boy was found alive Sunday after being lost for two days in the Montana wilderness.

Ryker Webb went missing on Friday and was last seen playing “with the family dog in the yard outside his home” near south of Troy and east of Bull Lake. Officials searched for the boy over the weekend using helicopters, ground searchers, ATVs, several drones, dog teams, and a boat unit on the lake until the weather became too bad to continue, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The sheriff’s office said that the search efforts were disrupted by "very poor weather conditions which consisted of rain, low visibility, and low ceiling." The area that Webb was lost around was also full of “dense vegetation,” which made it “extremely difficult to search.”

Webb was found about 2.4 miles from where he went missing Sunday afternoon near Pine Ridge Road and South Fork Bull River Road, a sheriff's dispatcher said Monday.

He "was in good spirits and apparently healthy” although feeling discomfort from being very hungry and cold. He has been evaluated at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, according to the sheriff's statement.

Temperatures dipped to 46 degrees in Troy, Montana, over the weekend. Troy is located near the borders of Idaho and Canada.