Woodland Park, Colorado, police are conducting an investigation at the home of Patrick Frazee, the fiancé of the missing Colorado woman, Kelsey Berreth.

Frazee has yet to speak to investigators as he is only communicating through his lawyer Jeremy Lowe, Woodland Park police chief Miles De Young said in a news conference on Friday. Frazee was the last person to speak with Berreth before she disappeared on Thanksgiving Day.

“We are asking him to talk to one of our investigators,” De Young said.

A search of Frazee’s ranch home is being conducted for possible evidence on the whereabouts of the 29-year-old Berreth. Law enforcement officers from several local, state and federal agencies are participating in the investigation which could take several days, according to De Young.

“This has been a very rough case for our investigators to investigate,” he said.

De Young did say that the search warrant affidavit was sealed and that while he could not comment on what it said, there was sufficient evidence for the Teller County judge to sign it.

“We understand that a search warrant was executed on Mr. Frazee’s property,” Lowe said in a statement to The Denver Post Friday. “Mr. Frazee was never asked to voluntarily participate in this search. We encourage law enforcement to take whatever steps it deems necessary to find Kelsey Berreth and to be able to exclude Patrick Frazee as a possible suspect in this missing person investigation.”

Frazee is choosing not to participate in any media interviews but will “instead focus on parenting the child he shares with Ms. Berreth,” the statement also read.

Frazee is cooperating by allowing a search of his phone and interviews to be conducted, Loew told The Denver Post. He also had his mouth swabbed for DNA analysis and provide photographs to investigators, his attorney said.

Berreth disappeared after being last seen in a Safeway grocery store in Woodland on Thanksgiving Day. She had texted her employer, Doss Aviation on Nov. 25, telling them she would not be at work the following week.

At a news conference, Monday, Miles De Young, Woodland Park police chief said that Berreth texted Frazee that same day. The last clue to where Berreth may have disappeared to was a ping from her phone near a cell tower in Gooding, Idaho on Nov. 25. She has not been heard from since, De Young said.

Berreth’s mother, Cheryl Berreth reported her daughter missing on Dec. 2. Frazee last saw his fiancé on Thanksgiving Day when he arrived to pick up their daughter, The Denver Post reported.

The ranch that Frazee lives on is 35 acres located in Crystal Peaks Ranches subdivision southwest of Florissant, The Denver Post reported.