State police are attempting to track down new evidence relating to the May 24 disappearance of Connecticut mom Jennifer Farber Dulos. Their focus is now on a particular section of carpet or mat that they believe is connected to the case. However, investigators are said to be having a difficult time locating it.

According to the Hartford Courant, police believe the missing carpet or mat could have been taken from either the back of her Chevy Suburban or from her New Canaan residence. Employees of Milagro's Restaurant on Albany Avenue in Hartford have been interviewed regarding its whereabouts as a man was last seen placing the piece of flooring against an outside wall on the night of May 24.

This specific item was of particular interest to the police due to its close proximity to the location where they recovered bags containing bloody evidence relating to the case. As reported by the publication, there is surveillance footage of a man taking the piece of carpeting or flooring and leaning it against a trash can. Afterward, the male walks back to his black SUV.

It remains unclear at this time if the figure shown in the footage is Fotis Dulos, Farber Dulos' estranged husband and the prime suspect in the ongoing investigation. As stated in court records, a man resembling Dulos was also seen on surveillance footage throwing out trash bags on the same day the mother of five went missing. Shortly thereafter, the bags were recovered, which housed the items with her blood on them.

Dulos' lawyer said in papers filed on Tuesday that prosecutors are "desperate" to pin the crime on his client. At this time, both Dulos, 51, and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis, 44, have both pleaded not guilty to hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. Currently, they are both free due to the fact that they posted $500,000 bail.

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