Things are not looking good for Joss. In episode 9 of “Mistresses” the blonde-haired protagonist was dragged off to jail after being arrested for the gruesome murder of Calista’s (Jennifer Esposito) late husband, Luca (Noam Jenkins).

The reason Joss was shackled at the wrists and thrown into the back of a police car in “Unreliable Witness” was because Calista (who was seeking vengeance after Joss informed the police about her first, dead husband Justin) told officers the fictitious story that not only was Joss obsessed with her but that Joss once threatened to kill Luca after she saw him flirting with another woman.

“And now he’s dead. So, you tell me,” she pressed.

With that bit of information, detectives made their way to Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) apartment to lock the party planner up for the vicious murder. And according to the synopsis for episode 10, rightfully titled “What Could Have Been,” Joss will spend her time behind bars questioning the “what ifs.”

“Joss considers what her life could have been if she’d chosen Scott (Justin Hartley) instead of Harry (Brett Tucker),” the summary states. But as crazy as that theory is, Joss is convinced she’s a murder suspect out of karma.

“I’m here because of Harry. Running to him is obviously the reason I’m being punished,” she says in the promo video for the upcoming installment. Based on the photo above, it seems as though Joss will spill her feelings to her jail cell mate, Roz (Katie Messina).

But not all hope if lost for Joss! Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, Daniel (Ricky Whittle), the artistic FBI agent, shows up out of the blue with a “mysterious tape that might help Joss.” Daniel’s arrival, however, will only complicate things for April (Rochelle Aytes) when she ends up sleeping with her former lover while Blair (Brian White) is out of town.

Speaking of sex… Karen is forced to make a life-changing decision in episode 10 when she learns that she’s pregnant – with a married man’s baby! Remember Karen and Alec’s (Ed Quinn) weekend rendezvous? Well, apparently that steamy night has led to a bun in Karen’s oven.

“Conceiving a baby with a married man is one thing. But with a married man and his wife?” Karen says in the trailer for episode 10.

Will Karen break the news to Alec and Vivian (Sonja Bennett) that she’s pregnant? How will they react when they learn their "third" is having a baby? After all, they did call their three way relationship quits due to complications.

“Mistresses” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.