If you thought Karen (Yunjin Kim) was involved in a seriously twisted, Season 3 romance, just wait until you see what “Mistresses” executive producer Rina Mimoun has in store for April (Rochelle Aytes) as the current -- and dramatic -- ABC installment continues.

According to reports, Ricky Whittle will reprise his sexy role as Daniel, the artistic FBI agent, in an impending Season 3 episode. And it looks like the painter’s return will stir up more than just primary colors during the plot of “Mistresses.”

Mimoun dished to TVLine that the arrival of Daniel will “definitely create some chaos in April’s world.” And we can see why -- not only is the boutique owner currently dating Lucy’s (Corinne Massiah) Headmaster, Blair (Brian White), but the hot mama is also being sought after by Marc (Rob Mayes). So could Daniel’s debut be problematic for the men vying for April’s affection? It seems safe to say so!

But don’t fret, Marc fans. The return of Daniel will also “illuminate a few things” for our smitten mistress, which means we shouldn’t count Scotty's (Jayden White) lovable and goofy uncle of out of the running of winning April’s heart just yet, according to the showrunner.

In episode 8, Marc confessed to Harry (Brett Tucker) the feelings he had for April.

“Why would April ever go for a guy like me?” he questioned. “I have nothing. She’s all about that Blair guy. He’s got it all figured out.”

And although the synopsis for episode 9 states that April and Blair will “move their relationship forward,” we have a feeling Lucy’s opinion regarding her mother’s beau might cause the duo’s budding romance to come to a standstill. Lucy learned just how strict Blair could be when he scolded her twice throughout “Murder She Wrote” -- first for being on the phone while April was telling a story and a second time when she reached over the table to snag the syrup.

When April witnessed the first incident, Lucy's mom confronted Blair to tell him that he was out of line to reprimand her child. So we can’t even imagine how she’ll react when she learns the hotheaded Headmaster scolded her daughter once again. At least both Daniel and Marc will be there to help April rebound from the strict school employee if she decides to break it off with him. Now the only question is who will she choose?

Who do you think April should end up with? Blair, Marc or Daniel? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to “Mistresses” on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.