If you were expecting the dark, Season 4 plot of “Mistresses” to take a sexy turn come episode 10, well … don’t hold your breath. According to the synopsis for the forthcoming installment, titled “Confrontation,” the sizzling ABC summer drama will grow even heavier next week.

On Monday, April (Rochelle Ayes) will have to make an “important decision about her future” and whether that future will involve her ailing mother or Marc (Rob Mays). But due to Majorie’s (Lynn Whitefield) “intolerant and judgmental” behavior, it appears that April is leaning toward her beau. But could choosing her man-child of a boyfriend over her dying mother be the right choice for the conflicted businesswoman?

The summary for episode 10 teases that while April is contemplating the living arrangements of her sick but manipulative mother, Marc will focus “all his energy on his music” and his band... which includes his ex-girlfriend. Uh oh, could the newly single Marc be rebounding already?

Meanwhile, Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) relationship with Lydia (Alanna Masterson) will take it’s strange course when baby Viv’s sitter becomes less worried about diaper duty and more concerned about Karen’s new boyfriend. “I don’t get a goodbye from this guy,” Lydia, who set Karen and Adam (David Sutcliffe) up through an online dating website unbeknownst to her employer, complains. But Karen doesn’t think her romances are any concern of Lydia’s! That’s when Lydia begins to display even more bizarre behavior when she “tries to sabotage Karen’s relationship” in episode 10.

Speaking of sabotage, Harry (Brett Tucker) will become weary of Jonathon’s (Navid Negahban) in the upcoming episode after the business mogul’s recent troubles arise. But Harry won’t have Joss to confide in seeing as though his anxiety riddled girlfriend has her plateful of her own issues... like the tragic death of a friend that she made in self defense class. So, which wine pairs well with dark drama again?

“Mistresses” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.