If you thought Scott and Joss’ episode 8 lip locking scene was steamy just wait until you see the sizzling drama “Mistresses” has in store for fans during episode 9, titled “The Root of All Evil.”

The Season 4 installment kicks off just where the previous episode left off — with Scott (Justin Harley) sucking face with his ex-fiancée … aka and Harry’s (Brett Tucker) bride-to-be. Before Scott lays a wet one on Joss (Jes Macallan), he reveals to the anxiety riddled character that he still has feelings for her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Joss reacts to the kiss, pushing Scott away from her. “You’re not still in love with me.”

But Scott thinks he is — after all, their love is fated! “It makes sense. Look … the night [my ex] moved out, that’s the night I met Kate [Tabrett Bethell]. Kate brought me back to you. That’s fate!” he says, adding that it’s also fate Joss and Harry didn’t get hitched when the two planned on exchanging vows in Las Vegas. “That helped me realize the truth about us. It wasn’t me, Joss. You’re afraid of commitment.”

Scott adds that he’ll wait for Joss, the same woman who cheated on him with Harry during the Season 2 finale, until she too can see that they’re meant to be together. But it looks like Scott might be waiting awhile considering Joss is in love with the Aussie chef (despite their current riff). Not only does Joss’ feelings for Harry deter her from shacking up with Scott but so does Joss’ relationship with Harry’s sister. Joss urges Scott to stay away from Kate after he reveals the blond beauty is nothing to him but a substitute for Joss. “I can call her right now and tell her it’s over,” he says.

“No, don’t tell her anything. Don’t go near her. I will talk to Kate,” she tells him. “I need you to leave her alone and while you’re at it … I really need you to leave me alone, too.”

“Mistresses” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.